Thong Swimsuit

If you want to have as much fun as you can, then jump into a thong swimsuit this summer. However, this stringy piece of garment is not for people who have cholesterol-lined ventricles (and love handles) as these shed light to places where even the sun don’t shine. If you want a sun-kissed glow this summer, a thong bikini bathing suit is perfect for you. Here are some advantages of wearing a thong to the beach.

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Benefits of wearing a thong swimsuit

*More areas to tan

If you don’t want to have those pale patches of skin ruining an otherwise perfect golden tan, then by all means grab a hold of the ropes, or the straps to be more exact, of these itty bitty swimwear. Since g-string bottoms have more string than fabric, these means that more areas are exposed to sunlight and scrutiny. That’s hitting two birds with one string. Not only do you score a honey-smooth complexion, you also get to catch men’s attention while wearing this stringed affair.


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*Easily dries

These little strips of swimwear are also capable of drying fast since there’s only a minimal amount of cloth or fabric on them. After coming out of the water, you only need to lie or sit down in the sun to completely dry your bathing suit. No more fighting off the chill or wrapping up yourself in a big towel. With these scanty swimwear items, you don’t have to wait long for your swimsuit to dry up.

*Can be easily stored

If you want to travel light for your vacation, pack in as many of these barely-there bikinis and still have more room in your bag. Since these pieces are made of very little cloth, they are compact and easy to pack and store. Just make sure to pack in an orderly fashion so you won’t get them tied up and knotted together.

*Can be easily washed

Lesser cloth means lesser areas to cover on your body. However, lesser cloth also means lesser areas to wash and launder. You can save a lot of time, money, effort, detergent, and water with these pieces. Drying is also a cinch so you can wear your swimsuit again in a jiffy.

*No VPLs if worn under a dress

If you want to wear bandeau swimwear or a form-fitting sundress for a nocturnal beachside party, then a thong is sure to make everyone marvel at your trim bum. As with normal skimpy lingerie, you also won’t have any visible panty lines or VPLs to ruin your silhouette if you wear a barely-there bottom.